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The Aspergillis Fungus

The Aspergillis Fungus

By Alex A. (rebel226)
The Aspergillis fungus grows on the bedding in the area of a hamster's tank/cage where the hamster urinates. Once it starts to develop it will appear white and in time turn black. At this stage the fungus will send off airborne spores into the hamster's enviornment that can damage the hamster's health and once symptoms are noticed the hamster must be seen by a vet immediately because there is a high risk of death from breathing in the spores of this deadly fungus. Symptoms are lethargy, breathing problems/wheezing,blood in the urine,inflamed skin,and chronic diarrhea. If you see any of these symptoms especially after you spotted the fungus in the tank/cage chances are high that it's the Aspergillis Fungus that is causing the health problems. A hamster who has already been diagnosed as being diabetic or having a bladder infection is at a higher risk when exposed to this fungus. A vet will then treat the affected hamster with antibiotics and anti-fungal medication. It should also be noted that the use of corn cob bedding appears to promote the growth of this fungus faster than other beddings. The Aspergillis Fungus also grows on vegetables and fruits that are left to rot in the tank/cage. The key to eliminating this fungus is to not allow it to grow at all and this can be done by removing the bedding where your hamster urinates every day and making sure that once a week the tank/cage is throughly cleaned and disinfected and you can also use a disinfectant that contains an anti-fungicide as an added precaution. And always remove any uneaten vegetables or fruits from the tank/cage before it rots and allows the fungus to grow on it. A person who owns a hamster doesn't have to live in fear of the Aspergillis Fungus harming their hamster. As long as the tank/cage is kept completely clean any breeding ground for this potentially deadly fungus will be totally eliminated.
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